Our Community, Our Kaitiakitanga

Leaving a better world

Doing things right and leaving things better for the next generation is core to the way we approach asbestos removal, but it goes deeper than that.

We treat our staff like family, we go the extra mile to protect the environment and we give back to the community as much as we can – in fact that’s a huge part of why we’re in business. As a Maori-owned business, the value of kaitiakitanga – guardianship – is woven into our fabric, and influences the way we treat our people, our land and our communities.

Here are just some of the things we do.

Protecting our environment
Our industry is notoriously – and often necessarily – wasteful.

We’re part of the three million tonnes of construction and demolition debris that are sent to landfills and clean fills every year in NZ – that’s about one tonne per person. A lot of those materials can and should be reused or recycled. That’s why our deconstruction service can minimise the waste, using it to support charities or underprivileged communities. We do that with our careful attention to detail and our connections to organisations dedicated to reusing, repurposing and recycling materials. Our deconstruction is so effective that it can meaningfully contribute to a new build’s Greenstar rating.
We also constantly look for smarter ways of working. We can do this because our deep understanding of health and safety means we don’t need to stick to the status quo – we understand when and how we could be using less environmentally damaging materials and processes, while still delivering the exceptional outcomes we demand. For example, we’re testing the use of hazard bags as a replacement for wasteful plastic wrap.

Care for our people
Our team is our family, in all things. We support their professional development and foster a culture of respect and care – we believe that’s the right thing to do while also helping to create a workforce we can rely on. When it comes to health and safety, we set a higher standard for ourselves, so we know we’re doing

everything we can to send our staff home safe. We comply with all New Zealand and Australian regulations, along with the UK’s stringent HSE and the rigorously audited ISO18001 certification. Helping our people progress is key too – we invest in staff training until each of our team members holds at least a COC class B license.

Helping communities here and overseas
Just as we care for our team and the environment, we also care for and give back to our communities. We support our rangitahi – Maori youth – to lift themselves out of generations of disadvantage, by offering work experience and mentoring, and by setting an example as a Maori-owned organisation.

The work we’ve done locally has expanded to communities in other countries. Our supply of reclaimed materials has gone into building homes and classrooms in Tonga, and in Kenya we’ve helped build ECEs and schools.

Setting the standard for NZ health and safety
Our exceptional knowledge of Act that underpins the NZ health and safety legislation means we meet more stringent requirements from Australia and the UK. It also means we can move beyond the status quo and design a unique approach to each of our projects.

Keeping our responsibility front of mind

We work in an industry that creates waste, and that keeps us mindful of our responsibility – to our people, our community, our country and the planet.

As a Maori-owned organisation, we are proud to set the standard high and be an example for our industry, our people and our land.

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