Need to Get Rid of Asbestos?

Doing it on the cheap could cost you

If you’re a homeowner or a developer with two quotes for asbestos removal in your hand, you may wonder why one is so much cheaper than the other.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for – and when it comes to asbestos removal, cutting corners can cost you more in the long run.

It’s why, though we’re hardly offering the cheapest quotes, our projects are nearly always more cost-effective for our clients.

Why we need to be careful of asbestos
Asbestos is naturally-occurring, but don’t let that fool you. It’s tricky, potentially dangerous and present in many buildings in New Zealand. Any structure built before the mid-1980s is fairly likely to have some materials containing asbestos, but that isn’t a problem until it’s disturbed, like during demolition or renovation. That’s because asbestos fibres are made up of microscopic fibrils that are light enough to float through the air if asbestos-containing material is cut or broken.

The fibrils are invisible to the naked eye and easy to inhale or swallow, where they get stuck in the lungs or digestive tract. The human body can’t break down the fibrils, so over time, they cause inflammation that can lead to a variety of serious diseases such as asbestosis and even cancer. New Zealand records 90 deaths from asbestos-related mesothelioma every year – just one of the conditions caused by asbestos exposure.

The nature of asbestos fibres means that a badly planned or executed demolition, bulk works or soil restoration can make matters worse – asbestos fibrils can spread beyond the main site, contaminating surrounding soil, plants and structures.

Beyond regulations to achieve true safety

Focussing on zero detectable levels
In many cases, we believe that any presence of asbestos is unacceptable. Our focus is on creating a healthy, safe New Zealand for businesses and whanau. We want our tamariki to be able to immerse themselves in our beautiful country, without fear that asbestos in their back yard will make them sick as adults. We want to make sure that when people go to work, their jobs aren’t making them sick. Just meeting regulatory requirements isn’t good enough. We work to a higher standard of health and safety protocols that can achieve this level of decontamination.

Additional steps to avoid expensive cross-contamination
The cost of ineffective asbestos removal is vast, and often crippling for a business. A poor removal job puts people's health at risk and could land you with an even more expensive clean-up bill. In an industry that professes to specialise in asbestos removal, it’s surprising how often this cross-contamination

happens. A higher quote-price will generally reflect the extra
steps the company will take to avoid this, such as higher staff
training, more rigorous protocols and a deeper understanding of how to safely handle asbestos.

Tailored removal approach
Many companies offer cheaper prices because they use a
cookie-cutter approach to jobs. Drawing on our deep understanding of health and safety legislation, we’re able to
tailor our approach to the unique requirements of each project. These bespoke solutions mean you get better outcomes, all but eliminate the chance of cross-contamination and avoid the costs that go along with that.

Higher staff training
According to NZ health and safety regulations, most projects
only require the site manager to hold a COC class B license.
Many companies will stick to this requirement – it means they
can save on wage costs because the other workers can be
inexperienced or untrained. A higher quote-price indicates that the company invests in staff training and expects a basic level of experience from each worker. For example, each of our team members holds – or is currently working towards – a COC class B license. This minimises the risk of errors and accidents, which are the leading cause of cross-contamination.

Confidence in health and safety systems
If your business is hiring an asbestos removal company, you’re
ultimately responsible for the health and safety outcomes. You need to be confident that the company or contractor you hire takes health and safety as seriously as you do. A higher
quote-price may show that the company has invested in
developing and maintaining watertight systems and can offer
proof that they comply with all New Zealand regulations, plus
those in more stringent countries like Australia and the UK, or
hold an ISO18001 certification, as we do.

Save time, money and health

When dealing with asbestos, cutting corners could cost you more in the long run – and put people’s health at risk. Instead of choosing the cheapest quote, dig deeper into how each company approaches removal, and why they may be more expensive on paper. By choosing a company with stringent health and safety standards, full staff training and a tailored
approach to removing the asbestos safely you could save money in the long run.

If you want near-zero contamination and no unexpected costs
with your asbestos removal, talk to The Agency today.

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