Innovating The Asbestos Removal Industry

New approaches when failure is not an option

In high-risk industries like ours, innovation is often met with suspicion. There’s no room for failure so experimentation is almost impossible – if you plan to do something different, you must be sure that it will work. That’s why we are one of the few companies in our sector who have a record of innovation.

We have unmatched experience and training in asbestos management at every level of our business. This is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the Health and Safety Act 2015, so we understand how the law should be applied and don’t have to rigidly follow the regulations.

Here’s an overview of some of the ways we’ve taken an innovative approach to projects, while still meeting our stringent health and safety standards.

No-touch demolition
Even with the most careful removal of asbestos products from older buildings, there is always a risk that the final demolition will release particles from material that has been overlooked.

That possibility was unacceptable, so we developed a way of demolishing houses to take that risk almost to zero.

After our careful team has removed as much asbestos material as possible, our unique method allows us to remove the house without any of the materials touching the ground. Our experienced team works to cave in the walls and allow the roof to collapse. The pile of rubble is then wrapped and removed.

Roof replacement in an occupied building
One of New Zealand’s largest corporates  came to us with an issue – storm damage meant they needed to remove a full ceiling grid across a large facility, but stopping operations would

have an unacceptable impact on the business. They needed us to do what seemed impossible – safely remove the roof while staff remained working in the building.

Relying on our close knowledge of the Act and working with our clients, we developed an approach that allowed us to work around these constraints with the utmost regard for everyone’s safety. We completed removal, loaded out and cleaned up in one night.

More eco-friendly alternatives
Turning inwards, we also are constantly booking for ways to decrease the impact our business has on the environment, while still meeting our rigorous standards. We’ve already developed firm partnerships with organisations focussed on recycling, reusing and repurposing materials, and are currently investigating the use of reusable hazard bags in place of plastic shrink wrap.

No-risk innovation, full compliance
The Agency has made full use of across-the-team training, our in-depth study of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and a deep commitment to our communities and land, to develop innovative methods of safely removing and disposing of asbestos. That includes no-touch demolition,  anaging work in occupied buildings and finding eco-friendly avenues and partners for reuse and recycling of materials.

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