Health and Safety Beyond the Regulations

Keeping people safe is about care, love and respect

Health and safety measures are only as good as the people implementing them – and that means many companies don’t go beyond checking boxes.

True health and safety are about more than checking boxes. We believe they shouldn’t be a lot of rules to follow – it’s about a culture where everyone involved has the training, the knowledge and the will to keep themselves and their workmates safe.

So while we comply with all New Zealand and Australian regulations, meet the tringent, world-leading United Kingdom HSE standards and hold an ISO18001 ertification, our commitment to health and safety goes much further.

Why go deeper than the guidelines?
The sad reality is that when there are set-in-stone rules, without the context or understanding why they exist, people will always find loopholes. That means they technically comply with the regulations but do so in ways that don’t keep themselves or their co-workers safe.

That’s why we work with our team and clients to help move them beyond the rules. To do that, we use our deep understanding of the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). By interpreting the law rather than relying just on the regulations, we can conduct ourselves in a way that always keeps our people safe. It also makes us exceptional on tricky projects – we can create smarter solutions to complex issues that offer better efficiency, better safety or better outcomes – or all three.

Safety before all else
Our business is profitable, but that isn’t the goal. We want to leave New Zealand safer for our tamariki and future generations. That means that we’ll always make the call on the side of safety, even if it costs us. For example, we declined an extremely lucrative project because the parameters would not allow us to operate according to our ethical standards. That was a management decision but was supported by our team at every level.

Similarly, while working on a large-scale residential site, we demanded that we be allowed to continue clearing asbestos until there was no detectable presence in the soil – the only safe level in an area where children will be playing in gardens and food will be grown in the soil.

Fundamentally, we do everything we can to ensure every New Zealander can own a piece of clean, healthy land.

Getting people involved in health and safety
We’ve seen first-hand that rules and regulations don’t work. Companies may have the bureaucracy sorted – with their health and safety manuals downloaded and popped on a shelf somewhere – but on the ground, the team will find the simplest and most efficient way of doing things, which isn’t always the safest.

That’s why we work with other companies to begin writing their own protocols so they make sense to their people – this keeps the companies compliant while doing more to send their teams home safe at the end of every day.

The aroha behind the tikanga – the love behind the rules
We go beyond the health and safety guidelines to create systems that really keep our team and community safe. If we can’t work to our high standards, we won’t take the job. We also help other companies to devise health and safety manuals that involve their people and send them home safe. For us, it’s about ensuring that in Aotearoa everyone can live on clean, healthy land because health and safety are all about aroha.

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