Managing asbestos in your premises isn’t just a requirement, it’s a moral imperative to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those who live or work there. Whether you need to remove or encapsulate asbestos, we’ll work with you to help create a healthier, safer New Zealand.

Innovative approach for ideal outcomes

Drawing on our deep understanding of health and safety legislation, we approach each project according to its unique requirements, working around people, sensitive sites or any other restrictions. These bespoke solutions mean you get better outcomes, especially on very difficult projects.

Staff trained to above requirements

Get exceptional flexibility and oversight with a team trained to above legislative requirements. We invest in staff training until each of our team members holds at least a COC class B license.

Industry-leading health and safety

You can have confidence that you’re meeting your health and safety obligations – our passion for health and safety goes beyond simply understanding the legislation. We set a higher standard for ourselves, complying with all New Zealand and Australian regulations along with the UK’s stringent HSE. Our processes and track record also mean we hold the rigorously audited ISO18001 certification.

Better value

Our experience and attention to detail ensure that every project is completed once, and to a high standard. Robust techniques minimise rework and cross-contamination, so while we rarely offer the lowest quotes, our clients nearly always pay less overall.

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